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Techsuite - The complete Management package

At Chesterfield we offer much more providing tailored taxation and corporate advisory solutions to the contract professional. Techsuite is administered by Chesterfield has been specifically developed for the professional contractor and the foreign national contractor working in Ireland and United Kingdom or any of the other popular contracting locations.

So if you are the sort of individual who is keen to maximise the financial returns available to you without the onerous responsibilities of running your own company then Techsuite is the only way forward for you.

Techsuite - The low cost solution for the independent contractor

Our fixed fee contractor service makes it possible for you to enjoy all the advantages associated with a limited company without the onerous statutory and legal obligations of running your own company.

Our Local Contractor Manager can provide information about:

  • What structure to use and why
  • Invoicing and Vat registration. We take care of all the back office administration detail so that you can dedicate you time to what brings in money - contracting
  • Banking and fee collection - we handle all these time consuming aspects quickly and efficiently no matter what agency you are with
  • Income Tax, PRSI, National Insurance, tax registration and Tax returns

First Time Contractors - need Help? - Then turn to us

If you were a first time contractor in the contractor labor market, no matter your location Chesterfield has a solution to suit you Techsuite was specifically developed for you choosing the right management company could be the most important decision you will make. You need to get the best advice, from the right people.

As a contractor you can supply your services in one of two ways:

1) As a direct employee of a particular recruitment agency or end client via their PAYE system

2) As a director of your own company but:

  • There are setting up and winding - down costs associated with your own company
  • It is time consuming and costly in terms of accountancy fees
  • Taking your money out of the company may incur further taxation
  • You could face large tax bills, fines, penalties and possible bankruptcy if the company is not correctly administered
  • You would normally be required by your agency to choose between one of these two options

Chesterfield has a third option, Techsuite! All administration, accounting and compliance tasks and communications with third parties are undertaken by Chesterfield as administrators of Techsuite.

And that's not all:

  • No start up costs
  • No winding down costs
  • No annual accountancy costs
  • No time taken up with company administration
  • No regulatory hassles ( e.g VAT, PAYE, company statutory requirements etc)
  • No company secretarial or compliance responsibilities

Getting Started

To join the TECHSUITE SCHEME you will need to contact us giving details of your proposed contract. The remittance Company will then be in a position to provide your services to recruitment agencies and end clients.

We will send all the corporate and statutory information to the specific recruitment agency or client as and when necessary.

All you need to is let us know your hours for billing purposes. You can do this in a number of convenient ways.

We will then raise and submit an invoice for your services to the recruitment agency or end client. Once we have received cleared funds as payment for your invoice, payment will be made direct to your bank account.

Get in touch

We welcome and encourage face to face meetings and will be delighted to arrange an appointment with you. Alternatively, we would be more than happy to discuss your particular situation with you on the telephone and answer any queries you may have.

If you would like more information about Chesterfield Group and you are the sort of individual who is keen to maximize the financial returns available to you fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly. We look forward to your call.


arrowTo contact our international contractor Managers in Dublin please call us on 00353 1 890 4044 or use our contact page.

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